Our clients don't come to us because they have seen us at an advertising awards competition or at an industry club meeting. At gearsleast 95% of our clients come to us from referrals from other clients. They call saying they saw something we designed, a site we created or heard from a friend or colleague that we were "the people to call."

Each client has led to new clients, sometimes for one particular short-term project, sometimes for a long-term relationship that involves multiple layers.

We are always happy to do the one-time projects. But, we are especially well-suited to play a broader role. Our process typically integrates several aspects of our capabilities. Our marketing and strategic thinking hats are always on. (They are glued on and can't come off.) So, as we are designing a web site, we'll naturally make suggestions on strategies for using the site, defining target audiences, driving traffic to the site, motivating action, capturing data, qualifying leads, responding to inquiries and closing sales.

We never "just" design a web site. It is impossible for us to do.

It's also impossible for us to "shut off" our creative side. When a client asks us to execute a project, we do it. But we also share ideas for the next step, another tactic, other resources and any other insight that just may pop up.

We like to be a partner or team member to our clients, helping whenever and wherever we can. Sometimes that means stuffing folders, licking stamps, buying donuts, holding the umbrella, helping the client's aunt reserve a domain, hitting the space bar on the power point presentation, or wearing the giant George Bush head.

This is reflected in our pricing structure. It's hard to put a price tag on "being there" to answer any and all questions and offer advice whenever it's needed. Clients call to ask us some pretty unusual questions, many of which have nothing to do marketing or media. We like it that way. And, the really funny thing is that, between all of us, we usually have the answer.

Our staff all works together on most projects. It is a real team effort. Everyone contributes. Everyone helps out, pitching in on the projects that are big, helping each other when one area becomes backed up or a deadline approaches.

We help clients. They help us, sending us more work. The circle continues. And we all live happily ever after.

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