We publish a variety of magazines, guides, newsletters, directories, manuals and training materials, using both print and electronic mediamedia. Some projects cross-over and have both a hard copy, as well as an electronic companion version.

In most cases, we coordinate the entire process, from gathering content to selling ads and coordinating distribution. Electronic media is frequently the media we recommend. Graphic e-mails, online newsletters, websites, portals and intra-nets are among the "new media" we develop and execute for clients.

Whether it is a simple website or one that employs database integration, custom searches and e-commerce, our designs adhere to our same high standards for legibility and ability to convey information effectively.

In many cases the client looks to us for recommendations on which media would be the most effective. Our marketing background helps us make recommendations concerning an overall strategy for how to best use the media options and coordinate them for the best use of the overall budget. We always look at the big picture of how a project fits into the long-range plan, so that one newsletter or one blast e-mail doesn't eat up the entire budget if we have other tactics to develop and other goals to meet. We keep each media project in perspective.

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