Case Studies:

Conference Promotion:
The Challenge: To bring together three chapters of MPI to plan and promote a regional conference. :: click for more

Website Development:
The Challenge: To organize a vast amount of medical resources and design a practical Website for care providers.
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Identity Packaging:
The Challenge:To develop a comprehensive identify system for materials in print and electronic form for a land developer. :: click for more

Website Development

The challenge:
To organize a vast amount of medical resources and tools for health care providers concerning treatment of diabetes.

The solution:
The National Diabetes Education Program, a joint program funded by the Center for Disease Control and National Institute of Health, wanted to create a website which would help health care providers across the country provide better care for their patients with diabetes.

Due to our extensive experience in developing patient education materials on the topic of diabetes, we were chosen to develop this web site. The work group, made up of 20 experts n the filed of diabetes, provided us with a huge amount of copy and resources. We read the materials, organized it and developed a system to present the content on the website in a manner that would make it easy for primary care physicians and other health care providers to find the information they need and implement changes in the way they care for patients.

This was an extensive project that involved working with medical professionals representing several different organizations. The content was technical and complex in nature, requiring extensive time proofreading and copy editing to ensure accuracy and that the proper meaning was conveyed.

Navigation was also extremely important, due to the size of the site and the time constraints of the users. Because the site will also reside on a larger federal government site, numerous requirements and standards had to be met.

In addition to the content provided by the work group of experts, we added some of our own ideas, which were well-received by the committee. Quick tips, user suggestions and numerous sidebars were areas in which we wrote copy as well provided graphics.

In some cases, we were also able to point out gaps in content and make suggestions for subject matter. We also developed some patient education tools to accompany the other resources.

The result:
A web site that is highly functional, informative and, we all hope, will make a great difference in the lives of patients with diabetes.

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