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I started making books when I was 7. I started organizing special events in my backyard Pam Recordsaround then too. My favorite toy was a Little Kiddles light box where you could trace designs. I created and sold my own comic books in middle school and designed sets for plays in high school. I was the editor of the high school magazine and yearbook. I was editor of the yearbook and weekly weekend magazine in college (Ball State). In other words, I was born to do this job.

I have been working toward to this goal with unwavering single determination and focus since my first box of 64-count Crayons. (except for that brief interlude in the 2nd grade when I wanted to be a gypsy so I could wear long skirts, sandals and lots of noisy jewelry). When I sold my first set of mimeographed copies of my poems to a fan/best friend, I knew I was hooked on the business. By the time I toured the newspaper plant with Girl Scouts, I was committed.

crayonsSo, here I am.

Still committed.

Still making books and drawing pictures, holding carnivals, selling books, inviting everyone to come over…and feeling my pulse beat fast whenever I see a 64-count box of crayons.

Now, though, I also have three children and a husband who is my business partner.

I seldom design in crayon.

But I do dream in 64 colors.

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