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Matt Murry
Marketing Assistant

My name is Matt Murry. I am the Manager of Account Services with MP Records. I am a graduate of Indiana University amongst a workplace of Ball State, Purdue, and University of Indianapolis peoples. I look forward to the day when another fellow Hoosier joins the ranks to sport crème and crimson on game days, not to be confused with the ugly black and gold of that other Indiana school. Not like anyone could confuse the two, but I had to get a cheap shot in there somewhere.

I grew up in an expatriate oil community in Saudi Arabia until being shipped off for boarding school as a sophomore to endure the extreme cold of Michigan. Even though I lived in Michigan, I still can be seen wearing my Cubs hat around Indianapolis.

I typically don’t get into my full life story because of the barrage of questions and comments that inevitably follow, but I figured one last time for my company bio. Consider yourself lucky.

In college I studied Communication, Business, and Telecommunications exposing me to a very broad range of topics. Conveniently, communication courses also exposed me to classes with very favorable male/female ratios. I have no idea why that was the case, but I was not complaining.

But seriously, I found the topics I studied to be interesting and wanted a career where communication was central. I enjoyed writing, presentations, and creative thinking; all of which are necessary to be an effective communicator and a marketing and sales professional. My family members even call me “The Great Communicator,” a title most would associate with Ronald Reagan. Did I mention I was born on his inauguration day? Quite a coincidence! Long story short…marketing was for me and MP Records has given me a chance to really explore all aspects of the industry.

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