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I am from Southern Indiana. I have two brothers who were in high school and college when I was born. My mother always worked, which was very unusual for the '60s in a small town. I can play any instrument (except maybe the Australian zither. No, wait, I can play that too). When I was 10, I fired the teenager who had been mowing our lawn, bought an old mower, fixed it and pocketed the lawn money for the rest of the summer, before my parents caught on. In college, I thought our dining service was too crowded so I "arranged" for one of the dorms to eat elsewhere through some creative signage and well-placed arrows. A slightly off-beat sense of humor is one of my little idiosyncrasies.

At our association meetings, I am frequently the guy who sets out the signage with arrows pointing the way. Rather ironic, that after all these years I'm still doing the same task. Some things never change.

I've always been a rather independent kind of guy with a sense for business and how things get done. If I decide to do something, there isn't much that can stop me. Except a good Dick Van Dyke or Andy Griffith re-run.

mowerEven then, I can usually figure out how to program a website or merge-purge a database while hummin' along with the Darlins.

Well, a few things have changed. Three kids do affect the eating, sleeping and vacationing habits of parents. And, now when we work late on a project we have to make sure we have plenty of computer games, videos and cookies and juice in the office. But I wouldn't change that for the world. And, pretty soon, we'll add their names to the staff list.

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