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Chad Daniel
Graphic Designer

Chad DanielHi, I'm Chad Daniel, graphic designer at MP Records Communications, Inc. I've been a part of the company for two years now.

I guess it all starts at Ball State University where I studied advertising in the Department of Journalism. I finished in the spring of 2000 with a bachelor's degree majoring in advertising and a minor in drawing. I've always enjoyed drawing and feel I use the skills I honed in my classes in the work I do today. Plus there were the nude drawing classes!

In the winter of 1999-2000 I began an intership with an Indianapolis ad agency, Pearson Crahan Fletcher England. I began as your basic intern or gopher. But, as I kept pestering the art department and trying to be seen around their area, they began to give me things to do for them. Eventually I was set up with my own computer and had a few design projects to work on. I learned so much from that internship. My advice to others beginning an internship is to make yourself visible to your peers. They're very busy and if you don't go out of your way to be noticed you won't be.

After my internship I went into the job market. I began my career at Standard Register in Carmel, IN. My official title was Forms Designer. That's pretty much what it was too. I setup medical/business forms, designed checks, scanned photos and created artwork on occasion. I knew this wasn't the job I wanted, but it was a start. I worked there for approximately nine months.

That brings me to MP Records. This was what I was waiting for, actual graphic design work. I mean my business card even says "Graphic Designer". I thought that was so cool when I first saw it. Nowadays, it takes a little more to excite me, a tough logo project, a tri-fold needing character to seperate it from all the others, newsletters, annual reports, corporate identity, the list goes on and on. If I could be cheesy for one second, I really feel lucky to have found a career doing something that I enjoy so much.

Well, that's a brief summary of my career up to this point. I can't believe you actually care enough about me to make it this far into my little bio. You're not some crazy stalker are you?

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